Buy A Book! We recommend Las Vegas Cocktails by Sivan Gavish.

Las Vegas Cocktails is the most lengthy collection of original cocktail recipes we’ve seen in years! And the best part? It features over 100 recipes collected from local lounges, bars and restaurants.

Sivan first contacted us to include The Golden Tiki. From there, we connected her with several local spots we felt were worthy of inclusion.

Our clients that made the final edit include:

– Ada’s in Tivoli Village (now Ada’s Wine Bar)

– Edo Tapas & Wine

– The Sand Dollar Lounge

– Esther’s Kitchen

– Evel Pie

– Americana at Desert Shores

Las Vegas Cocktails is part of a book series produced by Cider Mill Press. Other editions in this series spotlight prominent cocktail capitals such as London, New York, and San Francisco. Las Vegas doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves when it comes to specialty cocktails, but this book puts our city in a deserved context.

And if you’re looking to try these cocktails in person, you can follow along by chapter. This book is divided by location: the Strip, Downtown, and elsewhere in local Las Vegas.

The Feast of Friends doesn’t typically promote products we don’t represent, but we had to make an exception for this book… Sivan Gavish a local foodie and author – writer and photographer. She also writes her own blog, Olive Brunette, which features Food, Travel and more.

Bias aside, Las Vegas Cocktails is the best compendium of cocktail bars in Las Vegas. That makes it not only a recommendation, but essential for anyone interested in the scene here.